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Biomass Installation for 40 Bed Care Home

Biomass Boiler Quotation

Earlier this year The Energy Desk was approached by a care home for a biomass boiler quotation. We work with 2 premium biomass boiler manufacturers, Froling and ETA, both of which are Austrian-made and for whom we are UK suppliers. TED is recommended by these manufacturers and they provide us with favourable warranty terms.biomass boiler renewable energy installation

After a site survey of the care home and an assessment of their current energy usage, we determined a biomass boiler would offer the following benefits for the property:

  • Current heating bill reductions of 60%
  • Total fuel savings in excess of £1.1 million over the next 20 years (based on biomass inflation remaining at 5% and bulk propane remaining at 8%)
  • Carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 122 tonnes per annum
  • Enhanced environmental credentials that may improve with future tax bills and will help with any Carbon Reduction Commitments
  • A stable known future fuel cost linked to RPI +2%
  • Further revenue available through the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Comprehensive boiler controls
  • Remote monitoring and diagnosis

All of these fantastic benefits and features are achievable simply by installing a biomass boiler. In this case, we expected the work to take less than 3 weeks to complete with potential disruption to heating and hot water supply being less than one day. We could also source a biomass boiler and ancillaries (installed in energy cabins, see image) for free on this occasion though this is subject to eligibility.

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Biomass Installation for 40 Bed Care Home
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