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Biomass Installations for Drewton Estate, Yorkshire

Drewton Estate engaged The Energy Desk to complete a 100kw biomass installation with a payback on investment of under 5 years, to replace the oil and LPG used at the farm shop and estate cottages for heating and hot water requirements.

TED completed the installation to enable the estates houses and the farm shop to be convert to green energy saving over £13,000 per year in fuel bills and gaining an RHI income of over £195,000 over 20 years.

Biomass Boiler Installations From The Energy Desk

TED installed a 100kW Wood Chip Biomass Boiler into an existing farm building with a chip store area prepared by the estate for an auger feed system. The boiler feeds the customer’s buffer vessel which is linked to a new 1500ltr Buffer Vessel situated alongside the customers’ existing boiler. The hot water supply to the Shop / Café runs underground from the new boiler house to the existing plant room where a 50kW plate heat exchanger will interface with the flow and return on the existing heating system.

To supply the estate houses, TED installed an underground pipework system to interface with the existing pipework via plate heat exchangers. Heat meters have be installed at each interface point to monitor the usage at each site to enable sale of the heat to the houses and calculate the RHI payment.

The existing boilers have been left in place as a backup if required.

As the part of the package provided by TED, TED completed the application for the estate to use the trees grown, felled and chipped on the estate to fuel the biomass boiler, the chip application needed to be completed to enable approval by OFGEM to gain the RHI.

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Biomass Installations for Drewton Estate, Yorkshire
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