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Biomass Quotation for Phoenix Care Home

Phoenix Care Centre approached The Energy Desk in December 2014 to get a costing for a the installation of a biomass wood pellet boiler and ancillaries to replace their current oil powered system. Being a care home, a reliable source of power is absolutely essential so our proposal included installing the new biomass boiler and leaving 2 of the existing boilers in place to act as a backup source of power in the event of an emergency.

The current energy costs for the Phoenix Care Centre total £32,4000 per year, based on the average 54p cost per kWh and the efficiency of the existing boiler system.

With a more efficient biomass boiler and a cost of 4.2p per kWh, the estimated annual cost of biomass fuel totals £21,692.

Combined with regular payments from the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive – which total over £1m over 20 years – these fuel savings contribute to a 41 percent return on investment and a complete payback for the cost of the system in just 2.3 years.

Cut Your Care Home Energy Bills With A Biomass Boiler

At The Energy desk we specialise in reducing care home energy bills. To find out more about the energy and cost savings that can be achieved with a biomass boiler, contact The Energy Desk team on 0845 838 9830 or book a free energy health check online to see how our energy management specialists can improve the energy efficiency of your premises.

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Biomass Quotation for Phoenix Care Home
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