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Cedar Court Hotels

Recently we contacted an existing customer Cedar Court hotels who had several months left on their gas contract and made them aware the market was looking strong .We felt that it was worth exploring the option of locking the contract in early to take advantage of the low wholesale costs.

With go ahead from the customer we then benchmarked costs and presented prices. Our analysis advice helped us identify a number of contracts from a 2015 extension right up to a 2020 end date.

The contract offers included common end date part fixed contracts, fully fixed contracts and flexible offers.

TED Saved Cedar Court Hotels £32,000 On Their Energy Bills

After discussions with the customer about budget and risk strategy a long term fixed contract was agreed, creating a saving of £32,000.

The customer now has the peace of mind of reduced costs and complete budget certainty until 2020.

We proud of our proactive approach and will always ensure our customers receive maximum benefit of our market intelligence.

This is why each customer has an individual account manager.


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Cedar Court Hotels
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