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The Energy Desk (TED) is the number one place for all things energy, for businesses, homes and renewable energy, we can help to provide funding, installations and prices for the best, cleanest energy that is suited to your needs.

Get the best energy prices with ASK TED

TED has recently launched a brand-new tool called ASK TED where you can compare electricity and gas prices for your home or business. You no longer need to go to various comparison websites, you can find all the best prices in one place.

TED has access to all the suppliers for gas and electric in the UK, including all the main suppliers such as Npower, Scottish Power, E.on, EDF Energy, British Gas and many more.

Whether you’re on a dual tariff and are looking to switch to single tariffs for gas and electricity or want both gas and electricity with the same supplier, ASK TED and see if we can get the best price for you, whatever your energy needs may be!

Get energy quotes today!

For more information on the energy services we provide, or to switch to renewable energy and make your home or business eco-friendly, contact The Energy Desk online.

We’d be happy to discuss your needs and dependent on your requirements and scale, we may be able to help provide funding for installation to help get your business or home off to the best possible start to being green. Talk to us direct on 0845 838 9830.

To help save money for your home or business, start comparing energy prices today and you could save up to 30% on your energy bills and save on average up to £254.90 per year! To get your quotes, start comparing energy prices at ASK TED.

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Compare gas and electricity prices with ASK TED
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