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‘Cost parity’ between Renewables and Fossil Fuels

‘Cost parity’ between Renewables and Fossil Fuels

A survey by Lloyd’s Register found that 70% of all respondents believe that renewable sources of energy are reaching parity with fossil fuels.

These findings suggest a growing optimism towards renewables throughout the industry which could lead to further progress in the decarbonisation process.

Green Technologies

Respondents to the survey believed that solar technologies would be the most important and effective moving forwards. Solar energy systems have improved in efficiency and reduced in price in recent years, making them a more attractive alternative to traditional methods of energy supply.

Alasdair Buchanan, Energy Director of Lloyd’s Register, said: “What is inarguable is that the conversation is no longer about ‘should we?’ but ‘how should we do it?’.

“We are very encouraged by the findings, which highlight not only a growing optimism across the industry but a vigorous and intelligent debate about the pathways to decarbonisation”.

With green energy systems becoming more readily available and cost-effective, commercial and domestic users are turning to renewables.

The Energy Desk is a leading provider of green technologies and renewable energy systems, working with clients to determine the best system to suit their energy needs. Our specialists can help your business to reduce costs and generate extra income with the implementation of a green technology system.

Solar energy, for example, is easy to install and requires very little maintenance. The flexible solar energy services from The Energy Desk are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Each system is competitively priced but there are funding options available.

Solar power is just one of the technology systems that we can source and implement, with wind turbines, waste to energy and biomass alternatives also available.

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