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Corporate Electricity Services

For customers spending in excess of £400,000 a year or those with multiple sites, The Energy Desk’s dedicated experts in the corporate team will help you save time and money. The Energy Desk offers enhanced services around Risk Management, Volume Management, Price Management, Energy Structuring and Renewable Tax Clarity to cater for different company needs.

Reducing Corporate Energy Costs

We understand every corporation will have different energy requirements and when talking about high volumes, a one percent difference in annual spend can make a sustainable difference in cost. If budget certainty is set we will work with you to lock in the best possible fully fixed contracts at the right time. Or alternatively we have a range of flexible options to suit your electricity purchasing strategy.

Why Choose The Energy Desk for Corporate Electricity Services?

We understand corporate electricity contracts are becoming more and more complex due to changing renewable taxes and third party charges. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive transparent tendering service so that the right buying decisions are made.
Along with a range of services as standard our cooperate electricity services include:

  • Risk strategy development
  • Wholesale market advice
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Impartial advice

Contact The Energy Desk

For more information about our corporate and commercial electricity services please get in touch with the team. Feel free to call our specialists or book a free health check by filling in our form online today!

How TED can help

Send TED a Letter of Authority

We need a Letter of Authority on headed paper which states that we can contact suppliers on your behalf. The Energy Desk cannot act without a Letter of Authority.


Send TED a copy of your fuel bill

This allows us to gather the data we need to tender your requirements to other suppliers.


TED will gather data from your current supplier

We will gather data such as the contract end date and annual energy consumption from your current supplier.


TED will tender to suppliers

Using the data we have gathered from your current supplier we will calculate your requirements and tender them to 15 suppliers in the UK, which includes green suppliers for the more eco-conscious.


Suppliers provide TED with prices

We will then receive the prices from suppliers.


TED provides the cost-effective, energy efficient solution

We will then present the prices to you with recommendations for the most suitable solution for your requirements.

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Find out how TED can save you money on your energy bills.

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Corporate Electricity Services
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