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Multi Site Electricity

If you have 5 or more sites that require electricity, a multi site electricity contact will allow you to reduce costs and minimise hassle. At The Energy Desk we can contact your suppliers to negotiate the best electricity deal for your requirements. Grouping your electricity contracts together makes for a simpler and more manageable single multi site contract which is significantly more cost effective than purchasing energy for each site separately.

Why Choose Multi Site Electricity Services?

The three main benefits of our multi site electricity services are:

  • Significant cost reductions per site – the more electricity you purchase the cheaper it is
  • Less administration – fewer contracts to sign and dates to remember
  • Ability to purchase energy at the best price – TED’s market analysts will advise on the best time to purchase energy up to 2 years in advance by tracking market peaks and troughs

Making the most for existing multi site contracts

If you already have a multi site electricity contract in place, The Energy Desk can assess just how much it is saving you. Simply give us a call to arrange a free health check! We can also advise on the best time to purchase electricity up to 2 years in advance to ensure you get the most competitive price in an increasingly volatile market.


Questions about Multi Site Electricity

What is Multi site electricity?

When your business has combined gas and electricity multi site contracts.

Why use TED for Multi Site electricity contracts?

The Energy Desk can remove the hassle and reduce the cost of multi site gas contracts.

Is your gas contract cost effective?

If you already have a multi site gas contract we can help with this too. Simply give us a call for a free health check and we will analyse how cost effective it is and present the results to you. We can also advise on the best time to purchase your gas up to 2 years in advance by tracking and analysing market trends.


For more information about multi site electricity contracts or the commercial electricity services available, please call The Energy Desk. Alternatively, complete our online form to book a free health check online today!

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