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The Energy Desk is well versed and experienced in the energy intensive user’s arena. At The Energy Desk we understand that each company has many different ways of working with energy so as to fit with the demands of your business and even down to each site. Our ultimate aim is to save money and time.

The Energy Desk works with you to understand your business processes, the way that you currently work with each business commodity and how you would like to move forwards with these commodities – for example with new technology that may help enhance your current position.

Managing and Enhancing Energy Requirements

We will then health check the data required for each commodity and come back to you with a proposal of a way that we as partners could take forwards. From this our intensive energy procurement team would negotiate the position even further, while staying within the principals of how you wish to manage your energy requirements going forwards.

The Energy Desk works with our client partners to enhance your position without any disturbance to productivity.

Amongst other things we work with intensive energy users in the following areas:

  • Procurement – fixed or flexible
  • Export
  • Energy management / energy services
  • ADR
  • DSBR
  • Water treatment plants / efficiencies for water plants in areas such as filtration and aeration
  • Optimisation
  • Automated Bill validation reporting and CRC

Questions about High Intensive Users

Are you a high intensive User?

If your business uses a high volume of energy then you would be classified as a high intensive user.

How can TED help high intensive users?

The energy desk has huge buying power and receive market leading rates from over 30 suppliers in the market.

How do I find out if I my business can save now?

All we need is a Letter of authority and we can go out and find you improved rates.

Book an Intensive Users Health Check!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and energy report. Alternatively you can call our team to book a health check online.

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