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Care Homes

LPG is perfect for rural developments that cannot be connected to the mains gas network. LPG heating systems can ensure a consistent and comfortable temperature for your residents at a fantastic cost to you. Using this versatile fuel will also mean less maintenance than some other fuel systems, reducing costs further. At TED we will use our experience and procurement skills to source a cost effective LPG system to suit your requirements.


  • All our suppliers will ensure that any LPG storage installation complies with HSSE regulations
  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Ideal for rural areas
  • Low maintenance systems

Questions about LPG? Just ask TED!

Can I switch my LPG supplier?

In 2009 the Competition Commission and OFT intervened, which gives care homes the right to switch your LPG supplier. Call 03330 151 221 today to find the ideal care home LPG supplier for you!


For more information about how The Energy Desk can help with LPG procurement and the supply of LPG to your care home(s) please call 03330 151 221

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