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What is an LPG CHP?

LPG Combined Heat and Power (CHP) boilers allow rural locations of generating both heating and electricity from a single source ensuring a sustainable supply.

What do Combined Heat and Power systems do?

CHP systems provide both heat and electrical power. CHP systems efficiently use the ‘waste heat’ created in the generation of electricity and thermal energy that can be used for either heating or cooling. A CHP system can save you up to 80% as they require less fuel than separately generated sources. On average a CHP system is also a more environmentally friendly product, producing up to 17 tonnes less CO2 emissions each year.

Benefits of LPG CHP

  • Is perfect for businesses not connected to the main grid
  • Can reduce CO2 emissions

How do they work?

There are a variety of CHP systems, with micro-CHP boilers most commonly used. These are ideal for smaller commercial ventures centred around heat production, as a small electrical output is emitted as a by-product, with the ratio generally around the 6:1 mark.

LPG CHP Systems


The more modern LPG CHP system is the Fuel Cell CHP technology which works by generating heat and electricity through a quiet, efficient electro-chemical reaction.

Where does a CHP go?

Bulk LPG tank storage is already an effective means of storing fuel, with tanks being able to hold up to 120,000 gallons. As the CHP boiler system is installed inside the premises, the fuel will be stored in either an above or underground LPG storage tank.

Why Use TED for LPG Combined Heat and Power Systems?

TED offers completely impartial advice on all the latest technology and available brands. We are independent meaning we only have one thing in mind, the customer’s best interests. Our free consultation process means we can help all the way through from audit to implementation and we can even help with financing.

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