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Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems use solar panels, called collectors, which are fitted to the roof of the premises. The process is simple; the panels on your roof absorb heat from the sun and the water in the panels heats up. This is then distributed to your hot water system to meet heating and hot water requirements.

Features and Benefits of Solar Thermal System

  • Save 50-75% of your hot water bills
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Will generate heat from daylight even in cold or cloudy conditions
  • A generous income while you save with the Feed-in Tariff meaning your business electricity could be completely free
  • Increases property value through an increase in energy efficiency of the property
  • Ideal installations for both new builds and retrofits
  • Easy to install with minimal disruption to your property
  • Can be fitted to work with your existing hot water system so no need to remove your old boiler
  • Funding available through TED
  • Free System is also available if eligible

Please contact TED on 03330 151 221 for further enquiries or use the button below to arrange a free energy feasibility study to see how much you could save with solar systems!

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How TED can help

Send TED a Letter of Authority

We need a Letter of Authority on headed paper which states that we can contact suppliers on your behalf. The Energy Desk cannot act without a Letter of Authority.


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This allows us to gather the data we need to tender your requirements to other suppliers.


TED will gather data from your current supplier

We will gather data such as the contract end date and annual energy consumption from your current supplier.


TED will provide a solution

By tendering your requirements to 15 suppliers across the UK we will present a cost-effective solution to suit you.


TED will visit your site

We will visit your site to ensure the solution we have presented is suitable and achievable.


TED delivers

TED will provide the solution as pre-arranged with you.

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