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TED’s involvement in funding has grown over the last decade. With the current economic climate we have noticed a common problem;a lack of funding available for energy services technology and energy management.

That’s why, here at TED we provide funding for a wide range of green technologies from partially funded to fully funded systems. We offer a unique end to end service with the ability to fully fund green technology projects from start to finish, including the supply, installation and maintenance of your system. We like to call it, funding from concept to completion!

This could be a simple lighting project where some kind of funding is needed to enable your business to take advantage of reduced energy use consumption, or complex energy management projects such as demand management to an energy centre.

Flexible Funding

There can be a number of technologies involved in putting the projects together. Here at TED we understand that there needs to be a flexible funding option that can be arranged around the complete project, incorporating all the relevant technologies and creating a viable funding solution tailored to suit your business needs.

Many companies have an idea of the technologies they need to introduce to improve both utility costs and green credentials, but they simply find it hard to fund and are torn between investing in other areas in their business.

Building Network Operators

On the other hand there are also businesses out there with desires to be “Greener” but have never explored the options as they feel they would not have the initial capital available.

Achieve Business Goals with TED Funding

At TED Capital we can help kick-start your energy projects. We understand that every business is different with different goals and expectations. Wherever you are on your energy journey funding from TED Capital will be tailored to the individual project and customer needs.

Types of funding options available:

  • Lease
  • Asset
  • Capital
  • Rental

Although TED Capital was originally set up for Energy Services, it soon became very apparent that we can fund almost anything, even if the credit the business credit is not 100%. So give TED Capital a call or fill in the contact details to see if we can help. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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