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How going ‘green’ will benefit your business

How going green will benefit your business.

Awareness of the importance of environmental preservation and conservation has continued to grow in recent years. Businesses, no matter their size or scale, can no longer ignore the need to implement green energy solutions and improve their carbon footprint.

TED Green offers a unique range of services and solutions to improve your businesses’ green credentials. Our aim is to manage and reduce your energy consumption levels and costs.

Renewable Energy System Funding

There are a number of financial benefits to switching to renewable energy solutions for businesses. The Energy Desk can provide funding for a wide range of green energy technologies and systems. For example, TED Green can help you implement a state-of-the-art solar panel system. Government schemes will pay you for the electricity that you generate. Any surplus electricity can be sold back to the National Grid for additional revenue.

Generating your own energy, through whichever green energy system you choose, will significantly reduce your energy bills and the reliance you have on external suppliers.

The Renewable Heat Incentive sees the government pay businesses for using biomass energy solutions, offering long-term financial support as you make the switch. This makes the transition process profitable, stress-free and with the minimal possible impact on your usual systems.

The Benefits of Going Green

As well as the financial benefits to ‘going green’ there are other positives to making the switch. Consumers and colleagues will appreciate your efforts to become environmentally friendly, and are more likely to choose products that are made from recycled materials.

Switching to green energy systems now can protect you from any increased taxes or tariffs that could be placed on non-renewable energy solutions. Going green makes your business more sustainable and costs saved through reduced resource consumption can be re-invested into different aspects of your business. Learn more about benefits of green technology for your business.

Green Energy Services from TED Green

Information and advice regarding the renewable energy solutions that we offer are available by contacting us online. You can call our specialists directly on 0845 838 9830.

Find out more about our award winning energy broker company.


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