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Health Check

Are you paying the cheapest market rates for your business energy?

The Energy Desk’s FREE energy health check is a no obligation report and one of the simplest ways to identify savings and review your current contract prior before arranging your next energy contract.

Take advantage of our highly trained staff and our in house software for a free review of your current contract charges and tariffs complete with a final report on any savings or excess charges you are paying.

Our “Free Energy Health Check” includes:

  • Full tariff optimisation-making sure the tariff is correct
  • Benchmark tender review- looking at wholesale costs now , future buying and costs when the contract was signed
  • Renewable tax review – RO ,FIT CCL – making sure you are not paying extra margins
  • Third party charge review- Duos , TOUS, KVA
  • Dedicated account manager throughout the heath check

For our customers who buy flexible contract we will also review management costs.

To get started on your free energy Health check all we require is one copy of a gas and electricity bill per meter and our standard Letter of Authority.

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