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New Renewable Electricity Supply Initiative Launched!

SmartestEnergy has launched a Carbon Trust-certified renewable supply initiative that will provide businesses that use renewable electricity with increased confidence in the credentials of renewable energy. The pioneering initiative aims to provide a boost for smaller scale generators such as farms and communities. It will help support the demand for power as the sector faces increasing financial pressure due to changes in Government policy.

Certification For Businesses Purchasing 100% Renewable Energy

The initiative provides renewable certificates to specific tariffs or customers to ensure a link between the generation of energy and end customer can be established.  Underpinned by the SmartestEnergy Tariff Emission Factor Model and certified according to the GHG Protocol Product Standard, the model aims to support businesses in the ambition of purchasing 100 percent renewable energy.

If you would like to switch to renewable energy supplies, learn about new connections for your business or property.

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