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New Utility Connections FAQs

Q. I need electric, gas & water connections to my development. Can you help?

A. The Energy Desk offers consultancy services for the provision of new water, electric & gas supplies. We can advise on capacity requirements for a new development, liaise with local network operators and procure proposals for new connections.

Q. I need a meter installed. Can you help?

A. The Energy Desk can arrange a supply contract and for a meter to be installed. Our services cover both gas and electric meters.

Q. Do TED provide cost-effective, renewable energy sources?

A. Ted has wide range of renewable energy sources that can help to reduce your utility bills by up to 40%. Not only do they reduce outgoings, but they also help companies to enhance their corporate image. Businesses that reduce their environmental impact through the use of renewable energy are perceived as ethical, innovative and forward thinking. We offer extensive advice on renewable solutions such as biomass boilers, solar panels and waste to energy methods.

Q. How can I find out what existing utilities are connected to a site?

A. We can carry out a site search of the area that will identify any existing utility assets. We make enquiries to water, electricity and gas companies as well as other companies such as Network Rail, Councils and Highways Agencies where necessary.

Q. I am expanding my operation and need to increase my water, electricity and gas supplies. Can you help?

A. We will assess your current situation and in conjunction with the DNO calculate the additional capacity your business will require. We will then procure proposals and manage the necessary works, allowing you to focus on your business.

Q. Do you work within a specific region?

A. We have worked on projects nationally across the UK and Ireland.

Q. We are relocating or considering the purchase of a building plot. What utilities are available locally?

A. We can conduct a utility infrastructure survey to obtain existing utility network information.

Q. At what stage should Utility Connections join a project?

A. It is always preferable to be involved at the early concept / design stage, however we are often invited to join a project mid stage to manage the co-ordination of the utility connections and ensure project completion.

Q. I am demolishing an existing building. How can I get the supplies disconnected?

A. The Energy Desk can procure the recovery of the meters and the disconnection of the supplies prior to demolition.

Q. Can you arrange my energy metering and energy contract requirements?

A. The Energy Desk can procure electricity & gas meters, operator agreements and energy supply contracts.

Q. What type of projects are Utility Connections involved in?

A. We work on all commercial and industrial projects.

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