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Infrastructure Procurement System

TED have introduced a hassle free system that you can use to procure your quotations in one easy process. With our simple to use online procurement system specially designed for utilities, you can price the risk associated with the provision of utility connections in one place. Click below to find out more information on how TED can help save you time, money and energy.

TED-Procure: Our New Unique Web Based Infrastructure System


How does it work?

Independent Connections Providers (ICP’s) are able to access the TED-Procure service for free, where they can search for projects online at no cost. ICP’s start the process by viewing a brief description of the project, the location of the site and any documents the developer has uploaded along with the prospectus prepared by TED-Procure. ICP’s then decide which element they would like to quote for, input their costs, the stage payment terms and upload their quote terms and conditions.


They then submit their bid! What does it mean?

The developer and any other ICP’s bidding on the projects are notified by email that a bid has been placed. ICP’s can also view where they compare in price to any other ICP. They will receive email alerts to show other ICP’s that have placed a bid on the project, and the developer can also view who’s bidding on the project, including full bids from one supplier, multiple suppliers and part bids.

Developers & Companies

How does it work?

The TED-procure system makes is easy for property developers, construction firms and industrial users to price the risk associated with the provision of utility connection. TED-Procure allows customers to experience a real different from Competition in Connections – a benefit of the market not previously taken advantage of.

The Process for Clients/Developers

First of all if you are a client/developer, you are required to submit your bid with defined requirements, a specific location, when you need to be connected along with project documents and then TED -Procure prepares the bid documentation for you.

The next step is receipt of bids from accredited contracters. Email alerts can be set up to notify you when new bids are made. Bids are in an reversed auction format, saving you a significant amount of money.

Lastly, a bid is chosen for the project. You can read information about companies that are submitting bids and compare bids submitted by accredited contracters. When you have chosen, click “accept bid” and start your new connections!

Following the completion of the new service(s) TED can also assist with the below;

  • Initial supply contract – Gas and Electricity
  • SMART/AMR metering
  • FREE meter installations
  • MOP & DA/DC services
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