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TED can help you save time and money with new connections

Pricing the risk associated with the provision of utility connections is becoming increasingly difficult for property developers, construction firms, industrial users and other businesses. The main reason for this is delays and unforeseen costs which affect business, however The Energy Desk have adopted a new approach to new connections designed to make it easier for businesses to complete projects on time.

Failing to recognise the provision of statutory services can be devastating for a project or construction site due to costs and delivery timescales. There can be many issues when it comes to diverting, isolating, connecting and energising utilities which are varied and equally as problematic.

With the market opening up to competition, it is now easier than ever to secure new connections with TED.

Competitive Quotations for Customers

On 1 April 1995 the Office of Electricity Regulation (OFFER) now the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM), brought about Competition in Electricity Connections. With this introduction of competition, customers now have the option to seek competitive quotations for some of the work required to make a new connection to the electricity distribution system. The work involved in providing new connections can be split into two categories. The first category is Non-Contestable work.

These works can only be undertaken by the host Distribution Network Operator (DNO). The second category is Contestable work. These works may only be undertaken by an accredited Independent Connections Provider (ICP) who must be registered with Lloyds register to carry out such works.

Non–contestable works: To be undertaken by the host DNO

  • Provision of equipment and material specifications
  • Design and determination of Point of Connection (POC)
  • Network reinforcement upstream of POC
  • Work within boundary of any site controlled by the DNO
  • Final connection to DNO system
  • Installation inspection

Contestable Works: To be Undertaken by a Lloyds registered ICP

  • Design of connection from POC to customers site
  • Procurement of cables, switchgear, transformers required to make the connection
  • Excavation of connection route and cable installation from POC to customers site or Installation of overhead lines from POC to customers site
  • Construction/installation of the required electricity substations
  • Commissioning of the installed connection assets
  • As installed records of the connection assets

Connection Process

For connections provided under competition in connections each host DNO has a connection process to ensure that connections are made to the required standards and within timeframes specified by the regulator. The following connection process is typical of what is required to enable a customer to be connected.

1) Apply for Point of Connection (POC) and Non-contestable charges.
A site plan of the development and the required readings of the proposed buildings or generation capacity is first needed In order for the host DNO to provide a Point of Connection to the existing distribution system. This information should then be sent off as an application to the host DNO. The ICP (TED in this case) can assist in this process and submit the application on your behalf.

2) Offer of POC and Non contestable charges made by DNO
The DNO will provide a POC and non-contestable charges. These should be received within the time frames set out by OFGEM as follows.

• Simple connection – 5 Days
• Complex connection – 30 Days
• Complicated connection – 50 Days

The Non contestable charges are calculated as per the DNO’s condition 4 charging methodology statement.

3) Contestable works quotation
From the Point of Connection information provided, TED’s partner will prepare a quotation for the Contestable works associated with the connection. The sum of the non-contestable and contestable works then gives you the total connection cost.

4) Place order for Contestable works
On placement of an order for the contestable works the ICP will prepare a connection design for approval by the DNO.

5) Accept Non-contestable Costs
The connection offer from the DNO is accepted and the charges paid.

6) Design approval by DNO
Once the non contestable charges have been paid the DNO will approve the connection design provided by TED. They are obliged to do this within 10 days of submission.

New Connections – TED-Procure

TED have introduced a hassle free system that you can use to procure your quotations in one easy process. With our simple to use online procurement system specially designed for utilities, you can price the risk associated with the provision of utility connections in one place. Click below to find out more information on how TED can help save you time, money and energy. Learn more about new utility connections.


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Prepare documentation

TED will prepare the bid documentation and registers the project for online bidding


Tender to market

TED will tender your requirements to market of ICPs in a reverse auctions format


Bids received and compared

TED will gather the bids and present them to you


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