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Supply Alteration

Inherent problems associated with supply alterations are the complex co-ordination of schedules, working parties and administration.

The Energy Desk overcome the difficulties encountered by taking a more planned and strategic approach to supply and supplier constraints.

Why Choose The Energy Desk for Supply Alterations?

TED can effectively manage infrastructures, supply requirements, metering, administration and the ongoing monitoring of the site until it is fully commissioned.

Some of the benefits of adopting TED’s supply alteration service are:

  • Initial consultations are client driven
  • TED uses a cost effective and co-ordinated approach
  • TED offer a full choice of utility services for electricity, water and gas supplies
  • Our clients receive assistance with administration for all relevant paperwork
  • TED offer a single point of contact
  • TED work with all Suppliers and Meter Operators
  • TED simplify the process of project management
  • TED staff are highly skilled

Contact TED Today

To discuss your supply alteration requirements or to find out more about our metering services please call the TED team on 08453 389 830 or book a free site check online.

How TED saves you money

How TED can help

Send TED a Letter of Authority

A Letter of Authority allows us to act on your behalf


Submit details of the project

This includes a site outline, a definition of the requirements (including the desired date for connection) and MPAN or MPR for new point of connection


TED collates and tenders

We will collate the data and tender your requirements to market


Choose a quote

We will present the list of quotes to you for you to choose from, after which you will need to send the appropriate paperwork to us


Supply registered

Your supplier will register the supply and provide a date for meter install


Meter installed

The meter is installed and the supply goes live!

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Find out how TED can save you money on your energy bills.

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Supply Alteration
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