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New Metering

TED provides a service that allows customers to adopt a fully managed solution for site operations and new utility metering.

The facility can be used to arrange the connection of commercial gas, electricity and water supplies into brand new buildings or when existing supplies need alterations.

This unique service helps facilitate and monitor site operations so they are completed for the lowest possible cost and carried out in the shortest possible time.

Our dedicated team has a wealth of expertise in helping businesses meet their utility requirements and we can undertake work of any size or at any stage of the supply operation.

Why choose TED for New Utility Connections?

TED know that arranging new supplies can be a confusing task for clients and extremely expensive if schedules fail to run on time. However, with guidance from our industry professionals the whole process will be less complicated and run more efficiently.

Our role can include assistance with project management designs, supplier choices, field operations and meter connections.

TED can liaise with all relevant parties such as developers, project managers, utility companies, local distribution companies and Meter Operators to have supplies connected without any issues.

The advantage of using TED are that we are established, independent and have excellent working relationships with all the relevant parties in the market and can escalate issues as required to ensure timescales are met.

Get a New Energy Meter with TED

Simply call our team on 08453 389 830 to discuss your energy meter requirements and find out more about our metering services.

How TED can help

Send TED a Letter of Authority

A Letter of Authority allows us to act on your behalf


Submit details of the project

This includes a site outline, a definition of the requirements (including the desired date for connection) and MPAN or MPR for new point of connection


TED collates and tenders

We will collate the data and tender your requirements to market


Choose a quote

We will present the list of quotes to you for you to choose from, after which you will need to send the appropriate paperwork to us


Supply registered

Your supplier will register the supply and provide a date for meter install


Meter installed

The meter is installed and the supply goes live!

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New Metering
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