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Upgrade & Downgrade

Companies quite often find themselves with an over or under supply capacity situation that could impact on their business in many ways – the most significant being financial implications.

TED work with clients to fully understand what size of supplies are required, and then can advise and implement changes to meet these requirements. TED can help facilitate all aspects of capacity changes which may involve the adding or removal of supply cables and/or pipe work.


TED ensure that our clients are fully informed at all times and that the supply capacities remain within their operational constraints. TED work with all the Suppliers, LDSO’s, MOP’s and MAM’s and therefore we offer a complete service that can yield significant savings for our clients.


If you’d like to know more about our metering services or upgrading/downgrading your supply capacity please call a member of The Energy Desk team on 08453 389 830.

Questions about our Upgrade & Downgrade services?

Should you consider upgrade & downgrade services?

It is pivotal that your supply capacities remain within your operational constraints.

Can my business save money?

An over or under supply capacity situation could be financially detrimental to your business.

Why use TED’s Upgrade & Downgrade services?

We offer a complete service in order to yield significant savings for our clients, working with all suppliers, LDSO’s, MOP’s and MAM’s.

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