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Site Operations

The Energy Desk’s Site Operations service was formed to bridge the ever widening and frustrating gap between those that require utility infrastructure and final service connections and the blue chip utility companies that provide them.

We are an accomplished utility consultancy company with a reputation for finding the best solutions to complex utility infrastructure challenges. Procuring the right utility infrastructure solution for today’s developments has never been more complex. De-regulation and competition has created a fragmented industry that involves many different companies, red tape and onerous procedures.

Site Operations Tailored to Suit You

Delivery and service is paramount; our wide ranging capabilities cover all utility sectors, allowing us to provide our clients with a comprehensive utility solution from concept to connection.

We provide a business offering that reflects the requirements of the UK’s leading developers. The Energy Desk offer a refreshing pro-active and professional approach not normally associated with the utility industry and stay with projects from concept to connection.
Our team holds a wealth of experience in the delivery of high profile retail, commercial and industrial multi utility projects throughout the UK.

Our unrivalled utility expertise, technical knowledge and commercial acumen can make a real difference in ensuring utility infrastructure is delivered on time, to cost and to the correct specification.

Complete Utility Site Infrastructure Services

TED’S key services include:

  • Site feasibility studies
  • As laid record searches
  • Disconnection and termination of existing services
  • Decommissioning of private networks
  • Load assessment calculations
  • Point of connection identification
  • Upstream reinforcement cost challenge
  • Mains and service diversions
  • Mains and service reinforcements
  • Upgrades of existing supplies to meet with new end user requirements
  • Procurement of new utility infrastructure proposals

Utility Site Operation Management

At The Energy Desk we are able to fully manage projects across the UK ranging from single food retail stores to multi use commercial and industrial sites covering hundreds of acres.

We manage our sector expansion with care, ensuring that we accept commissions only when we have the skills and people in place to deliver the same level of service that our customers have come to expect and rely upon.

TED are able to provide utility infrastructure solutions to the following sectors:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Hotels
  • Industrial
  • Leisure
  • Local Government
  • Residential
  • Retail

For more information about our new connection and utility infrastructure services please give us a call on 08453 389 830.

TED provide a wide range of new connection utility services.

How TED can help

Send TED a Letter of Authority

A Letter of Authority allows us to act on your behalf


Submit details of the project

This includes a site outline, a definition of the requirements (including the desired date for connection) and MPAN or MPR for new point of connection


TED collates and tenders

We will collate the data and tender your requirements to market


Choose a quote

We will present the list of quotes to you for you to choose from, after which you will need to send the appropriate paperwork to us


Supply registered

Your supplier will register the supply and provide a date for meter install


Meter installed

The meter is installed and the supply goes live!

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