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Switching to Mains Gas

Many businesses in rural locations that don’t have access to the mains gas pipeline have been using heavy fuel oil out of necessity – often because it is too costly to connect to the nearest gas line. But with heavy fuel oil costs rising much faster than the cost of gas, the initial outlay of investing in a mains gas pipeline has never had greater potential to flow into improved bottom line business performance.

Benefits of mains gas

In addition to cost, switching to mains gas offers several other benefits:

  • Gas is a secure and constant energy supply; heavy fuel oil deliveries are often weather dependent
  • Gas produces 25% less CO2 than heavy oil and virtually no sulphur dioxide
  • Gas is more efficient than heavy fuel oil with a higher combustion rate and no need for a large storage tank
  • Fewer health and safety risks – buried gas pipes have a lifetime of over 50 years and are protected from corrosion and human error, in comparison to above-ground heavy fuel oil tanks
  • Greater financial flexibility and business security
  • Lower maintenance
Questions about Switching to Mains Gas?
How do I find out who supplies gas to my property?

If you don’t have a gas bill, to find out who supplies your property with gas or electric you can call the Meter Number Helpline specified to your region and by providing your gas meter number they will let you know who your supplier is.

How do I turn my gas meter on UK?

Using the gas safety shut-off valve at the gas meter, move the lever so it is in line with the pipe.

When should you consider switching to mains gas?

If your business is based in a rural location that doesn’t have access to the mains gas pipeline and you are restricted to using heavy fuel oil.

Is switching a good investment?

Yes, the initial outlay of investing in a mains gas pipeline has never had greater potential to flow into improved bottom line business performance.

Why is switching beneficial in the long term?

The on-going rise in heavy fuel oil costs means that switching to mains gas is still a more cost-effective and viable option in the long term.

How much does it cost to switch to gas?

To switch from oil to gas, the average cost is around £2,500 – £3,000.

Is gas heating cheaper than oil?

Yes, gas heating is heaper than oil. This is because of the different cost of each type of energy and the difference in efficiency of each fuel type when converted in to usable heat.

Does converting to natural gas increase home value?

When buying a new property, homeowners will be more inclined to a home which uses natural gas. Natural gas is more efficient, cleaner, safer, and inexpensive than any other energy source.

In the past, many businesses have been put off switching to gas due to the initial costs of new utility connections. However, the continued dramatic rise in heavy fuel oil costs means that switching to mains gas is still a more cost-effective, viable option in the long term:

Industrial Fuel Prices


The Energy Desk works with a number of leading utility infrastructure companies to connect rural and urban businesses to the mains gas network. Our extensive experience means we can provide an accurate costing for the price of gas connection, savings achieved, payback period and CO2 reduction.

Below are two case study examples where The Energy Desk helped companies facilitate mains gas connections.

Case Study 1

A large food and drink organisation in a rural location used heavy fuel oil as the energy source to fire the boilers in their manufacturing plant. They had investigated switching to gas in the past but found the investment cost to be too high and the payback period to be too long. With the cost of heavy fuel oil increasing they reviewed the costs again and found they could save £2.4m per year and their investment costs would be repaid in just over one year.


Case Study 2

A university using heavy fuel oil as an energy source for five boiler plants converted to natural gas and saved around £45,000 per year in energy costs and paid back the investment in new pipelines and infrastructure in 2 years. The university also reduced its CO2 emissions by 25%.



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If your business currently relies on heavy fuel oil for energy, why not see how much you could save by switching to mains gas? See how much better off your business could be by switching to gas, book a free assessment with a TED specialist.

TED’s unique combination of expertise, accreditation, nationwide coverage and links to the Gas Board, Transco and National Grid, ensures a streamlined and compliant utilities infrastructure solution is delivered for its customers – on time, on budget and with minimum impact on the environment, whatever the nature of their business. Find out more about new utility connections for new builds.