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Water Audits

Water Audits from Ted

As of April 2017 water will become de-regulated in England...
Water Procurement Services from TED

How TED can help you start saving on your business’ water costs

Water bills can be hugely expensive and can it is...
Join Director Zoe Chadwick for a Live Webinar

LIVE WEBINAR: Water Competition in England 2017

The Energy Desk is hosting a live webinar all about...

Water Deregulation in the UK: What do you need to know?

In April 2017, UK water de-regulation has been scheduled in the...

Water Deregulation – Why is it such a big deal?

Water deregulation is currently a hot topic in the energy management sector, with new opportunities...

4 easy ways to check your business for water leaks

At The Energy Desk, we love finding ways of helping...


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