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Reduce Care Home Energy Bills

The Energy Desk has helped over 3,000 care homes in the UK and Ireland reduce their heating and electricity bills!

Did you know? If you’re using oil or LPG The Energy Desk can fully fund a biomass system and save you thousands on heating each year – have a look at our case study.

Our energy management company is split into four sections, each of which contributes to reducing costs for care providers.

How TED Help to Reduce Care Home Utility Bills

Buying – TED offers expert advice on when to buy your care home energy along with a tender to 16 different UK utility suppliers, ensuring you receive the best offers. We also look at group contracts and green energy contracts.

Technology – The Energy Desk offers a range of energy audits and implementation technology such as biomass, lighting and solar systems which can reduce care home bills. With such high heating bills we have found that biomass boilers are our most effective and popular technology product for care homes and premises within the sector.

Finance – We offer a range of finance packages to fund the technologies we recommend and kick start the savings and energy reduction. These range from full funding or part funding depending on the technology or system.

New connections – The Energy Desk can arrange the moving or installation of new utility connections, meters, site operations, MOP services and much more as part of our energy management services for care homes.

Unsure which technology or option is best for your care home? Book a free energy health check with The Energy Desk to see which would be best for you. Our consultants are on hand to help you reduce your care home utility bills so give us a call on 08458 389 830 today!

Care Homes We’ve Worked With

At The Energy Desk we provide a complete range of care home energy services to cater for everything from your energy connections, infrastructure, procurement and optimisation needs. Whether you run a single rural site or own a national chain of premises, we provide impartial advice to help you reduce your fuel bills, improve energy efficiency and lower your carbon footprint.

For more information about our range of services or to book a free energy health check to see how TED can help reduce your care home energy bills please call 08458 389 830 to talk to one of our energy consultants.

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