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Food and drink manufacturing

TED’s fully funded CHP solution is perfectly suited to food & drink manufacturing and storage businesses. Our cogeneration solution can help you substantially reduce your costs and carbon output, and also boasts a host of operational benefits.

The generation program allows you to generate electricity on site using mains gas as a fuel source. Furthermore, we can fully fund and maintain the system so that it is 100% capex free!

Our food and drink manufacturing solutions can save you money!

Here at The Energy Desk we understand that the cost of temperature-controlled storage can be considerably high which is why our team are dedicated to helping our clients save money on refrigeration and freezing instantly with an effective cogeneration system.

The Energy Desk has bulk buying power, meaning we can save you money on your gas and electricity bills by carrying out a free health check on your business. All that we require is a letter of authority with a copy of your gas or electricity bill and we can come back to you with vastly improved rates.

How can CHP benefit your company?

  • Reduce your manufacturing and warehousing energy bills by up to 20% per year.
  • Book your free site visit now to determine whether you qualify for fully funded CHP technology.
  • Save money on temperature-controlled storage.

Frequently asked questions regarding CHP

Why choose a CHP solution from the Energy Desk?
The unit would be installed by us at no cost and fully maintained for 10 years.
How fast can I save money following the installation?
You will see an immediate reduction in your energy expenses.
What kind of savings would I expect to see?
Initial savings on energy costs expected to be 20% for both electricity and heat.
What happens with a free health check?
We send one of our CHP experts to your premises to check the feasibility of the site for a CHP system.
How do you arrange a free health check?
Just call today and speak to one of the team. We can have an Expert out to your site within 48 hours of the call.

Book your free Health check now.

We can work out the feasibility for a CHP scheme for you with our free energy health check. It helps us determine whether you have the correct facility to grant you the maximum savings possible. You can quickly contact our team and arrange for us to complete a free health check on your business by giving us a call now on 0845 838 9830.


Or if you can’t discuss your query over the phone right now, you can also get in touch with our team by answering a few quick questions and contacting us online.