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Retail Energy Procurement


Joules Clothing Limited

  • Large clothing retailer with multiple UK sites
  • Numerous contracts and end dates
  • Experienced a variety of billing errors
  • Received notification of a dramatic increase in price for their contract renewals
  • TED resolved the issues, organised rebates and consolidated contracts
  • Joules received 100% of the savings

About the client

Joules Clothing Limited was started by Tom Joules in 1989 after learning the ropes from his father Ian’s clothing shop. The first Joules shop in Market Harborough was a cobblers for 103 years. In fact most of their shops are in eccentric English buildings. Their Nottingham shop is in a building that is over 400 years old!


Client requirements


Joules had a head office, a warehouse and a portfolio of approx. 60 retail stores across the UK, this has since risen to approx. 90 stores. All energy costs were controlled at headquarters but they had different contracts and end dates across all of the sites resulting in an administrate nightmare. They discovered that they had not received renewal notices from the supplier due to billing mistakes and also became aware of an enforced increase on their future electricity costs of up to 21% and so asked TED to review the situation.


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Our approach

Our dedicated Account Manager worked closely with Joules Limited providing a complete end-to-end service. We researched and offered solutions and managed the entire operation on their behalf, all without cost or obligation. Our service also returns 100% of the savings to the customer so Joules instantly increased their operating funds.

The Project


We embarked on a complete cost review of all the electricity expenditure across all of the Joules sites. We also looked at the gas consumption across the portfolio however this was negligible in comparison. In addition to the billing mistakes and enforced increase, we also established that there were a large number of contracts with a number of different end dates and therefore different termination windows, making this extremely difficult and time consuming.

Due to our detailed industry knowledge and relationships we have built up over the years, our specialists were able to swiftly resolve the outstanding issues with suppliers. The detailed review also established a number of additional billing errors neither the supplier nor Joules were aware of. We prepared the evidence and to provide proof of these areas and reclaimed the rebates that Joules was owed.

Finally, our Account Manager organised the numerous suppliers and contracts into a single co-ordinated portfolio.

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The Results

Following the business cost review, Joules Limited achieved a reduction in electricity expenditure when compared to their renewal offers of approx. 30%. The single coherent account significantly reduces administrative tasks and time. In fact TED manage the account on Joules behalf, providing complete peace of mind.

We also sourced the roll out of FREE smart meters across the whole portfolio as part of our negotiations with the suppliers as this was an important factor for the client moving forward.

In addition to these initial savings we have worked closely with Joules during their portfolio growth of approx. 60 to 90 stores facilitation numerous new connections and ensuring the overall project management of these new services, keeping lead times down and also ensuring best possible cost to the client.

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