Import Export Electricity Meters

TED’s end to end energy management service ensures maximum efficiency especially for those generating high amounts of electricity at an industrial level. We oversee and organise the installation of import and export meters to measure the total amount of electricity generated and the amount of electricity exported.

How do import export electricity meters work?

Import meters measure how much electricity you generate so you can accurately keep track of your consumption. Export meters measure how much surplus electricity you have left over to sell to the National Grid.

Import export electricity meters are used in conjunction with electricity generating technology such as solar panels, and can be fitted into domestic and commercial premises. Using import and export meters means you can get paid for the amount of electricity you export, in addition to receiving Feed In Tariff payments from the government.

Did you know?
Solar PV is capable of producing the most profitable amounts of electricity when fitted with an import export meter.

Talk to the Electricity Meter Specialists

Contact one of our renewables experts on 0845 838 9830 to discuss your import export meter requirements or find out more information about how they can benefit you. Our energy management team take care of everything from installation to maintenance and all other aspects of metering services.

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