Utility Submetering

Submetering is used in addition to the primary utility energy meter. While the utility energy meter measures energy consumption for the entire building, utility submetering allows for the measurement of the consumption of individual departments, tenants or pieces of equipment.

Why Install A Utility Submeter?

As energy costs become more variable, the ability to accurately measure the energy consumption of individual tenants or companies within your property is essential for managing costs. At The Energy Desk we can supply and install submeters to accurately measure energy usage across your premises.

Did you know?

  • Submeters provide accurate energy monitoring
  • Certified to meet/exceed national accuracy standards
  • Fantastic analytical tool for energy management and allocating costs to tenants and departments
  • Aids compliance with green building initiatives
  • Green building initiatives such as LEED certified buildings that meet the minimum energy conservation standards

Accurate energy management with TED

Start accurately monitoring your energy usage with a submeter today and become compliant with a wide range of government schemes and initiatives which will save you money. Call one of our energy experts today on 0845 838 9830 for more information.

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