Biomass CHP System Funding

Most businesses can achieve significant financial and energy savings by using a biomass CHP system to provide heat and electricity for their premises.

Here at The Energy Desk we provide a free site health check enabling us to tell you just how much money and energy you could save from switching to a biomass CHP system. We can also provide flexible funding options to reduce the initial upfront cost of installing a biomass CHP system, allowing you to take advantage of the financial benefits.

How much could you save with a Biomass CHP System?

Get a biomass CHP system through TED today and you will start to witness unrivalled overall efficiency of up to 80% and easily see your electricity costs cut by up to 40%.

Combined with partial or complete funding from The Energy Desk, biomass CHP systems offer an incredible opportunity to make substantial financial savings while improving your green credentials to your customers, investors and the wider community.

Find Out More About Biomass CHP Funding

Contact one of our renewable energy experts for your free site health check and to find out whether you qualify for biomass CHP systems funding. Call us on 0845 838 9830 or fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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Biomass CHP System Funding
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