Wind Turbine Funding

Here at TED we have the ability to fund almost any renewable energy project. Whether you require a fully funded wind turbine system or require partial funding to get your project off the ground, our range of flexible funding options makes it easy for you to get the most appropriate solution for your business.

Generate Revenue with Wind Turbines

At The Energy Desk we can provide funding for your wind turbine system and advise on the government funding and incentive schemes that may be applicable to you.

  • Generate revenue by storing energy and selling it back to the grid
  • Receive payments from a wide range of government initiatives
  • By contacting TED you can find out if you qualify for fully funded wind turbine systems
  • Benefit from a growing number of government incentives and subsidies

Apply for Wind Turbine Funding with TED

Apply for wind turbine funding now through TED by contacting one of our renewable energy experts on 08458 389 830 to discuss your requirements.

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