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No budget for technology? No problem!

“Our aim is to deliver a simple process with instant savings with no capital required.” Stewart Curtis, Operations Director

At Green TED there is no investment required for renewable energy technology. For small to large companies in the public or private sector, we can provide a complete Green Review during which we will arrange a report to show your company how much you could save or even create revenue by implementing various technology.

What is a Green Review?

During the Green Review process we can look at solar technology, CHP systems, biomass boilers, LED lighting, waste to energy and more.
If you have a small budget for energy technology or even no budget at all, The Energy Desk guarantees to identify savings and even create revenue for your business.

We find most of Green Reviews are requested when customers have no budget at all but want to save money. In these cases we can show how different renewable energy technologies can work for your company and how The Energy Desk can implement them at no cost at all, making instant savings.

This has been achieved for a number of local leisure trusts, NHS trust and multi-site groups of private companies.

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