Biomass CHP Systems

Here at The Energy Desk our team of renewables experts are dedicated to sourcing the most cost effective systems that are suitable for you. To do this we employ an impartial approach when dealing with suppliers. We work with over 15 reputable UK suppliers, with whom we have an established relationship and over £1.5billion spending power, gained over the years we’ve worked with them. This combined with our Free Site Health Check ensures we can deliver the best suited and cost effective solution every time.

Why Choose TED for Biomass CHP Systems?

The Energy Desk has an outstanding reputation for getting our customers the best value for money and the highest standards of service. As part of our end to end energy management services we provide the following:

  • Free site health check and assess your how much money and energy you could save by switching to a biomass CHP system.
  • Partial or full funding for a biomass CHP system if your business is eligible.
  • Assistance with government grants and initiatives.

Save money with a Biomass CHP System

With an unrivalled overall efficiency of 80% or more at the point of use, biomass CHP systems provide significant energy and financial savings for the vast majority of businesses. See how much you could save by switching to a biomass CHP system with TED’s Free Site Health Check. Furthermore, find out if you qualify for fully funded to partially funded Biomass CHP systems by speaking to one of our renewables specialists on 0845 838 9830.

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