Commercial Solar Energy Solutions

Our team of experts specialise in providing suitable solar energy systems for your business. Our flexible solar energy services are tailored to meet your exact requirements, from concept to completion.

At The Energy Desk we work with a number of renewable energy companies and suppliers to allow us to provide the most competitively priced systems and service whilst guaranteeing excellent quality and solar panel life. We can arrange everything from infrastructure design of your solar system to managing installation.

Hassle free installations, combined with our impartial nature means we can provide the most effective and competitive solar solutions in the market suited to your budget and energy consumption, guaranteeing savings on your electricity bills of up to 30% and more.

Why Choose Solar Energy?

With a solar energy system you can generate energy for free, supplying your business needs and providing the ability to sell any excess energy to the National Grid for additional revenue. In addition, there are a range of government initiatives and grants available to fund your system. In many cases The Energy Desk can also offer full or partial funding to cover the cost of supply and installation.

Other benefits of using solar panels and solar energy include:

  • Easy to install with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Funding available through TED
  • Save over 30% on your electricity bills
  • Reduce environmental impact and improve green credentials

Start Saving with Solar Panels

Start saving money and energy by contacting TED for a free solar energy consultation today! We can advise on the most suitable solar system for your requirements and determine how much you could save by using solar energy. Talk to our renewable energy team today about how solar can benefit your business and how TED can provide funding for you! Call 0845 838 9830 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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