Waste to Energy Systems

TED Green specialise in the design and implementation of Waste to Energy Plants for large scale use. From concept to completion we take care of everything from project management and planning to DNO applications, designing the plant, implementation and maintenance. We fully acknowledge the main obstacle with waste to energy projects: the upfront cost required. We therefore offer bespoke funding packages unique to your requirements and for plants of all sizes.

We have developed unique and ultra-efficient waste to energy plants which not only generate electricity or gas from most waste, including tyres, biomedical waste, many plastics and of course anaerobic waste, but also generate a constant stream of revenue as our plants facilitate the sale of generated electricity and gas back into grid making you profit.

Our technologies make fruitful investments whilst helping reduce carbon emissions both in the UK and internationally.

Reduce Costs with Waste to Energy

Waste to energy systems are ideal for companies that generate a large amount of waste that is suitable for waste to energy systems and waste management companies.

Along with the DNO and implementation support, our network of partners allow us to assist with selling the end product if requested. Be it via a PPA or private company.

At The Energy Desk we can offer the following waste to energy systems and, if your business is eligible, can even fund the system for you:

  • Pyrolysis
  • Gasification
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Bespoke PTR

Did you know?
You can generate huge income by selling any surplus energy generated back to the grid.

Talk to the Waste to Energy Specialists

If you would like to know more about how waste to energy systems can benefit your business or to see if you qualify for funding from TED, please call our team of renewable specialists on 08458 389 830.

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