Commercial Wind Turbine Suppliers

Here at TED we can provide complete wind turbine solutions from supply to installation. From concept to completion we have the ability to provide the technology required to install, maintain wind turbine systems and even fund wind turbine projects.

Wind Turbine Costs

Much like solar, wind turbines generate energy for free after the initial installation and provide a fantastic way to supplement your business energy usage while improving your green credentials with the use of renewable energy.

Did you know?

The price of wind turbines has fallen by over 75% in the last 35 years, and is expected to continue to drop

At The Energy Desk we can provide partial or full funding for your wind turbine system. In addition, there are a growing number of subsidies and government incentives available for companies that use wind turbines to supplement their energy usage and the specialists at TED can advise on which of these are applicable to you.

Get Wind Turbine Funding Through TED

See if you qualify for part or full funding for a wind turbine system with TED! Simply get in touch with our renewable energy experts today on 08458 389 830 for more information.

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