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The Themis Ambassador Scheme

Our apprentice Emilly Williamson has been made a Themis Ambassador!

“Being a Themis Ambassador means I will be representing Business Apprenticeships for Themis at Burnley College, this is a prestigious title and a responsible one. I will attend open events and recruitment drives where I will run activities with potential apprentices. I may be chosen for case study articles and marketing materials. I will be providing information, guidance and examples from my personal experience with the learners, parents and employers. This title recognises my passion and drive for apprenticeships and shows I am out-going and committed to going the extra mile to promote them.”

TED Supporting Young People’s Careers In The Energy Industry

At The Energy Desk we are proud to work with committed apprentices like Emilly to help young people get into the energy industry and learn new skills to help grow their career. Take a look at our Careers page to find out more.

Well done Emilly!

The Energy Desk is an innovative energy management company.


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