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Using CHP to lower your hotel energy bills

Are you looking for a quick way to pinpoint where you can make substantial savings on your hotel energy bills?

If your energy contract is due to expire, by completing a TED health check you can identify where you can make savings prior to arranging a new contract.

Find out if your business could potentially make major savings on your energy bills, book your free health check.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our specialist energy consultants in more detail with regards to any other requirements that you have, give TED a call today on 0845 838 9830.

Cogeneration: How can it help hospitality and catering businesses?

At The Energy Desk, one question that we are commonly asked is “how can I make savings on my hotel energy bills?”

There are multiple ways in which this can be achieved, however one solution that is becoming increasingly popular due to its clean technology and reduced costs is CHP (combined heat and power).

Unlike its traditional alternatives, cogeneration works by using a single fuel source to generate electricity on-site, subsequently creating heat energy.

Once this heat energy is captured, it can then be transferred into thermal energy that can fuel multiple heating and cooling systems across your hotel.

Once installed, CHP systems can reduce your business’ carbon emissions by 20%, helping your organisation to improve its impact on the environment.

For more information on how exactly CHP can benefit you, and to discover how TED can assist you in installing this innovative system in your hotel, call us today on 0845 838 9830.

Learn more about CHP systems.

Industry Leading CHP for Hotels

TED are proud to be an end-to-end energy management company that are committed to helping you reduce your hotel energy bills.

Our industry leading services are emphasised by the fact that we have worked with the following major hotel companies such as:

  • Best Western
  • Citizen Hotels
  • Hampton by Hilton
  • Holiday Inn
  • Grange Hotels
  • Cedar Court Hotels

Whether you run a single rural site or own a national chain of premises, we provide impartial advice to help you reduce your fuel bills, improve energy efficiency and lower your carbon footprint.

Contact TED today!

To discover more about CHP, or to learn more about how our experts can help you reduce your energy bills, give The Energy Desk a call today on 0845 838 9830.

Or if you would like to identify how you can make savings on your current energy bills, just book a free energy health check with our team today by clicking here.

Go online to find out about the wide range of commercial energy services provided by TED.


Contact The Energy Desk on 0845 838 9830 today or fill in our online contact form and a member of staff will be in touch

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Using CHP to lower your hotel energy bills
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