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Award Winning Commercial Energy Management

At The Energy Desk, we’re committed to helping businesses all across the UK save money on their gas and electricity bills.

Whether you’re a start-up business of a few people or a well-established large corporation, The Energy Desk is here to help businesses of all sizes. It doesn’t matter what sector you work in; as an award-winning energy management company, we can help you manage your utility bills easily and efficiently.

We specialise in gas, electricity, CHP and new connections. Simply give a call today to start reducing your energy consumption and save money.

The Energy Desk - Best Middle Market Energy Procurement Company
TED - The Energy Desk, wins business energy solutions advisory of the year 2019

Energy management to keep your bills low

As a trusted business energy provider, The Energy Desk will help you keep your energy bills as low and cost efficient as possible. Whether you’re looking to save on your gas and electricity, compare fully-managed CHP systems or you’re interested in our new connections service, we can help you get the most out of your energy consumption.



See what TED can do to help you save money on your gas bills.

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We will compare prices on all types of commercial electricity contracts to find you the best deal.

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Let us help you find a fully manged CHP system to suit your consumption needs.

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New Connections

New Connections

Make savings on your new utility connections across a range of energy services.

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The Energy Desk specialises in energy procurement for businesses across a range of sectors, ensuring each client’s bespoke requirements are met.

Combined Heat & Power Solutions

CHP generates electricity and heat simultaneously from a single fuel source, to create an efficient source of energy. Recognised as a cleaner alternative to many energy solutions on the market, CHP can provide financial, operational, environmental and legislative benefits to businesses small and large.

At The Energy Desk we deliver excellent CHP systems and deals for businesses across a variety of sectors. By gathering your energy requirements and comparing different suppliers across the UK, we will find you the best CHP system and deal to suit your consumption needs. Achieve savings of up to 40% and reduce your carbon footprint with CHP systems from The Energy Desk.

What our customers say...

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Frequently asked questions...

If you have any questions regarding your business and the energy service you’re interested in, we have collated a list of our most asked questions to help you find the answer you’re looking for. However, if your query is not answered, you can simply get in contact with our dedicated team and we will be happy to help.

  • What is the importance of energy management?

    Energy management controls and reduces the amount of energy consumption your business uses. By using energy management, you could save costs on your energy bills.

  • Who is the cheapest energy provider?

    Energy providers costs will differ depending on your circumstances. With The Energy Desk, we will compare energy providers to find the most cost efficient energy deal and ideal plan on the current market, that works for your business. Learn more how your business can save money on energy bills through The Energy Desk's energy procurement services

  • How much does business electricity cost?

    The amount your business’s electricity will cost depends on several factors. Energy suppliers will assess the circumstances of your business, including energy usage and business location. This is then used to create a price quote for your energy consumption.

  • How much electricity does a business use?

    The average usage and cost of electricity is different depending on the size of your business. Large corporations with more staff members or operations are likely to use more than a small business. Get the latest commercial electricty prices with The Energy Desk

  • What are the benefits of using an energy management company?

    An energy management company can help you keep track of your energy finances and make greater savings, whilst helping you receive the most efficient and sustainable energy service on the market. Not only this, but cutting energy waste will mean you’re doing more with less and have money to spend elsewhere. For more information, speak to one of our experts today on 03330 151 221.

  • What is green energy management?

    Green energy management is the efforts made to make more sustainable energy choices. This includes using renewable energy, whilst reducing the costs. With The Energy Desk, we will find the right balance for you, supplying you with the energy requirements you need, whilst keeping prices low and reducing the environmental impact. For more information regarding sustainable energy, visit our renewable energy services.

  • How do you manage energy?

    If you’re worried about managing your energy, then let the experts at The Energy Desk take care of this for you. The Energy Desk will help you save on your energy bills and take care of everything, from finding the right service for you to comparing every energy broker on the market. Check out the complete offering of energy services.


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