Why invest in a CHP for your business

All across the globe, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is recognised by businesses as the best way to reduce energy costs and improve the environmental performance of your business. Also known as co-generation, CHP is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat from one single fuel source.

At The Energy Desk, our dedicated team will compare CHP systems for your business, finding the best system and supplier deal to suit your individual consumption requirements. Our team will project manage the whole process from start to finish, ensuring you can continue to run your business while we find the best way to save money on your gas and electricity bills.


Benefits to adopting CHP 

  • Reduce consumption by getting control over the systems you already have 
  • Produce your own electricity and heat 
  • Manage your energy consumption to deliver on your energy strategy


Enhancing your environmental performance has never been easier, and a CHP system is the perfect way to do so. If you’re looking for long-term energy security and a significant reduction in your bills, a CHP system is a great option. Combined heat and power systems are an affordable tool for businesses big and small, offering a reduction of up to 40% on your energy bills.

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Benefits of CHP Generation

Discover how Combined Heat and Power systems can revolutionise your business or organisation utility needs. 

Bespoke CHP systems & Environmental targets

A CHP plant produces power and heat at the same time, generating electricity and useful thermal energy in one integrated system. Using a bespoke CHP system means the waste heat that is produced when generating power, is used on site and without loss for heating rooms and water. 

Therefore, the primary energy is used multiple times making it efficient for companies’ environmental targets. A CHP plant can therefore save 50% primary energy or more, in comparison with a conventional heating solution without in-house power generation. This also reduces CO2 emissions.

CHP environmental credentials

Combined heat and power systems are an energy solution that is powered by natural gas or other fossil fuels but despite this, has the potential to reduce a business’ carbon emissions by up to 40% and is a cleaner overall alternative to a system that runs exclusively on biofuels and biogas.

As opposed to being powered by fossil fuels, Combined Heat & Power systems have the potential to be powered by Hydrogen, aptly named as “Hydrogen ready CHP”. When Hydrogen is used as a fuel source, the by-products are heat and water, in a CHP system the heat is recaptured and used to subsidise current heating systems and in turn assist in reducing a business’ utility bills due to the reduced need to rely on the national grid to provide gas / electricity for powering.  


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Combined Heat & Power Systems

TED Gen and CHP benefits include:

TED Gen are a driving force for Combined Heat & Power systems. These systems are widely recognised across a range of businesses as an excellent opportunity to reduce your energy costs and improve your environmental performance. To find out more about our CHP systems, get in touch with our team today.

As well as acting as an engine that supplies power to your premises, a CHP system will collect and re-integrate any wasted heat. It’s an efficient and carbon friendly way to help heat and power a premise. However, CHP and onsite generation does need the right environment, demand and correct sizing to be efficient and effective.

The TED team have many years’ experience in all aspects of energy services and have delivered, for various clients, over 10gW’s of electricity and 172gW’s of heat over the past 12 months alone.

TED can prove the on-going savings – of up to 40% – at any time. Customers can therefore rest assured in the knowledge that TED Gen are committed to optimising the performance of the equipment over the whole term of the agreement, providing maximum benefit.

With no obligation, TED Gen will help you understand if CHP is suitable for your organisation by analysing thermal load and electrical demand. TED Gen then provides a free desktop feasibility report which outlines savings achievable, the size of CHP required and the funding mechanisms available.

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