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TED Gen funds, installs and operates Combined Heat & Power systems that deliver heat and power where it is generated, providing immediate and sustainable savings for clients. Be it a retro fit, new build or introducing CHP to an established and operating business, we can help.

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The Energy Desk

The Energy Desk is proud to be an independent energy management company, working with our customers, partners and suppliers to find the best energy solution. Helping you save money on your business costs, without the hassle. 

Why Choose TED Gen

TED Gen are at the forefront of the drive for Combined heat and power (CHP), which is recognized by many businesses as the single best opportunity to reduce energy costs and improve environmental performance.  

As well as acting as an engine that supplies power to your premises, a CHP system will collect and re-integrate any wasted heat. Its and efficient and carbon friendly way to help heat and power a premise. However, CHP and onsite generation does need the right environment, demand and correct sizing to be efficient and effective.

The TED Gen team have many years’ experience in all aspects of energy services and have delivered, for various clients, over 10gW’s of electricity and 172gW’s of heat over the past 12 months alone.

TED Gen can prove the on-going savings – of up to 40% – at any time. Customers can therefore rest assured in the knowledge that TED Gen are committed to optimising the performance of the equipment over the whole term of the agreement, providing maximum benefit.

With no obligation, TED Gen will help you understand if CHP is suitable for your organisation by analysing thermal load and electrical demand. TED Gen then provide a free desktop feasibility report which outlines savings achievable, the size of CHP required and the funding mechanisms available.

TED Gen supply green, economical and efficient CHP systems

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