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The Energy Desk uses extensive industry expertise to deliver a diverse range of utility services. With a primary focus on driving cost savings for our customers, and promoting sustainability to businesses, our commercial energy solutions are designed to help your business reduce costs and even streamline operations.

TED’s Commercial Energy Services department offers a multitude of solutions to help companies achieve Carbon targets, tackle energy legislation such as ESOS, reduce costs and even create an extra revenue stream.

Here at TED, we take out time to understand the needs of our clients, so that we can find the best energy solutions going forward! We’ve helped a multitude of companies achieve their carbon targets, tackle energy legislation, reduce costs and even generate more business activity. To learn more, contact our team today!

When it comes to selecting the best commercial energy service, our TED experts are able to listen to the needs of potential customers and offer advice to ensure businesses select the best solution to match their needs.  

Learn more about TED’s business energy services below. 

Commercial Energy Service Options

TED offers a range of market leading commercial energy services suitable for a broad range of businesses and organisations. 

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Units

 Also known as cogeneration, CHP is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat from one single fuel source.

At The Energy Desk, our dedicated team will compare CHP systems for your business, finding the best system and supplier deal to suit your individual consumption requirements. Our team will project manage the whole process from start to finish, ensuring you can continue to run your business while we find the best way to save money on your gas and electricity bills.

Renewable Energy

The Energy Desk will find your business efficient and cost-effective Renewable energy procurement services. Our end-to-end service is built to help you implement energy and money-saving renewable technologies and achieve your corporate sustainability goals.

We specialise in auditing, implementing and funding a range of renewable energy resources for businesses, including solar PV systems, heat pumps and Waste-to-Energy solutions. 

Talk to TED’s experts and discover which commercial energy solution is best suited to your business. 

Business Energy Services with The Energy Desk

 TED’s commercial energy solutions include:

Switching to combined power with The Energy Desk can not only make you a more environmentally friendly business but produce sufficient savings too. Taking control of your finances should be an essential part of your strategy.

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air. This heat can then be used to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems or warm air convectors and hot water on your premises. 

Air source heat pumps require electricity to run, they are a fantastic alternative to conventional gas or electric heating and will significantly lower energy costs.

The National Grid is paying companies for freeing up electricity in times of peak demand. This is easily offset, as it is a lot cheaper to provide incentives for existing energy users (public or private companies) rather than the Grid going back to source.

TED can provide non-intrusive granular data logging alongside a robust billing platform, giving our customers control over their commercial energy usage. The granular monitoring allows users to monitor the big energy using factors in your business to evaluate how it could be more efficiently managed and view live which machines are currently using electricity, allowing you to spot any abnormalities and correct them before downtime becomes an issue.

Solar can generate energy for free, supplying your business needs and providing the ability to sell any excess energy to the National Grid for additional revenue.

ESOS requires all large businesses in the UK to undertake mandatory energy usage assessments at least once every four years. Businesses will also be encouraged to look at, and invest in, commercial energy saving opportunities as part of the assessments to help meet the government’s target of reducing UK greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. The government expects an energy reduction of 0.7% per enterprise as a result of ESOS, providing a net benefit of £800 million – £3 billion to the UK every year.

The Energy Desk conduct free energy health checks to gauge the best options for your business to move forward with their utility needs.

Monitor your energy consumption and bills live, with TED Tech

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