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Energy Services

TED’s Energy Service department offers a number of services to help companies achieve Carbon targets, tackle energy legislation such as ESOS, reduce costs and even create an extra revenue stream.

Commercial Energy Management Services

In what is one of the fastest evolving sectors where technology is constantly changing The Energy Desk keeps its finger on the pulse, offering the most effective technologies to achieve the customer’s goal, be it to reduce carbon footprint, reduce cost or adhere to government legislation.

TED can fund a range of renewable energy projects for businesses within the public and private sectors to help reduce energy costs. Take a look at the below services The Energy Desk can provide.

Amongst others technologies we install and can also fund:

  • CHP
  • Biomass
  • Biomass CHP
  • Lighting
  • Waste to Energy plant

Choose TED to fund your renewable energy project for commercial property.

Our legislative advice includes DECC, CRC, ESOS and ISO 50001 implementation.

Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Costs

The Energy Desk has experience in delivering energy service projects for public and private sector customers including manufacturers, care groups and hospitality groups.

Please do not hesitate to contact The Energy Desk for a free consultation/health check on 08458 389 830.

Demand Response
Demand Response
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How Will ESOS Affect Your Business?
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Renewable Energy Services
Renewable Energy
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District Heating
District Heating
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LED Lighting Installer
LED Lighting
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CHP (Combined Heat and Power) Systems
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How TED can help

Send TED a Letter of Authority

Send us a Letter of Authority on headed paper that clearly states that The Energy Desk can contact suppliers on your behalf. We are unable to act until we have received this letter.


Send us a copy of your fuel bill

A copy of your fuel bills allows us to gather the data we need to understand your requirements when consulting with suppliers.


TED will gather data from your current supplier

The Energy Desk then gathers data from your current supplier including the end date of your contract and your annual energy consumption.


TED can provide you with a solution

After collating all of the necessary data that we have gathered from you and your current supplier we calculate your requirements and provide you with our recommended solution.


TED will pay your site a visit

Our specialist energy consultants will visit your commercial property to determine the best energy solutions for your specific circumstances.


TED delivers the best possible solution

After collating all of the necessary data, consulting with you and your current suppliers and visiting your site, TED delivers the best energy service to suit you!

Get in touch

Find out how TED can save you money on your energy bills.

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