Comprehensive Renewable Energy solutions with TED

The Energy Desk is here for when your company is ready to start taking advantage of renewable energy, let TED provide efficient and cost-effective renewable energy procurement services. Our end-to-end service is built to help you implement energy and money-saving renewable technologies and achieve your corporate sustainability goals.

To reduce your carbon emissions, minimise the ecological impact of your business and take advantage of stable energy prices, it’s time to choose renewable energy. By investing in renewable energy resources, you could also enhance your corporate image and reputation amongst customers, while meeting green targets and enjoying a reliable source of energy.

Our Renewable Energy services include: 

  • Independent advice on renewable technologies
  • Free feasibility studies / energy audits
  • Graphic design/CAD
  • Installation of technology/systems
  • Gap analysis
  • ESOS audits
  • Technology finance

Renewable Energy Services

Explore how your business can save time and money with cost-effective renewable energy services from TED. 

Solar PV

The Energy Desk will help your company find the most cost-effective solar solution that suits your budget and energy consumption. Many solar energy installations qualify for government funding such as the Feed-In Tariff which will help to supplement your overheads and overall business costs just for using solar energy. In addition, any surplus energy generated can be sold back to the National Grid for extra earnings.

With a solar energy system, you can generate energy for free, supplying your business needs and providing the ability to sell any excess energy to the National Grid for additional revenue. In addition, there are a range of government initiatives and grants available to fund your system. In many cases The Energy Desk can also offer full or partial funding to cover the cost of supply and installation. 


Air source heat pumps

The Energy Desk is a complete end to end energy management company and as a result we can assist with all aspects of air source heat pumps. From sourcing the most cost-effective deal to project managing the installation to assisting with RHI compliance, TED is on hand to help and advise you.
Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air. This heat can then be used to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems or warm air convectors and hot water on your premises. Air source heat pumps are capable of absorbing heat from the outside air even when temperatures are as low as -15 degrees Celsius.  

Although air source heat pumps require electricity to run, they are a fantastic alternative to conventional gas or electric heating and will significantly lower energy costs. 

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