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The enthusiastic ideas company full of bright individuals who strive to keep your energy consumption as low and cost efficient as possible. From small start-up businesses to large corporations, we’re intent on helping every size of company in every location reduce their energy consumption and use it more intelligently. If you’re interested in optimising your energy usage or qualifying for funding through TED Capital speak to one of our experienced consultants today.

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Compare and save money on your gas and electricity bills
Energy ProcurementEnergy Procurement
Energy ServicesEnergy Services
New ConnectionNew Connections
TED FundingTED Funding
TED FundingTED Partners
Energy Procurement
Energy Services
New Connections
TED Funding
TED Partners

Energy Procurement

The Energy Desk specialises in energy procurement for businesses, ensuring each client’s bespoke requirements are met. Helping over 22,000 customers with Energy Procurement needs, you can trust TED to get you the best prices for your energy.

Services provided by The Energy Desk include procurement for water, commercial gas and electric, LPG, Oil and Bill Optimisation. We help all companies, large or small to make great savings on their energy bills and improving company’s carbon footprint.

More Info on TED’s Energy Procurement Services

Energy Services

Energy management is at the forefront of many companies’ agenda for saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. The Energy Desk provides a range of energy services aimed directly at business no matter how large or small to help them achieve a number of different goals.

We can fund and install a number of different services including CHP, Lighting, Waste to Energy plants and more. TED helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs, making great savings for energy service projects for public and private sector customers.

Learn More About TED’s Energy Management Services

New Connections

TED can provide alternative solutions for utilities connections including water, gas and electricity industries. We can provide specialist services for a range of different sectors and operations, providing businesses with the best connections for their projects.

The Energy Desk can arrange new contracts for energy metering and supply contracting as the market for this can be confusing. Everything is taken care of with TED, from planning to local requirements, engineers and third parties; TED’s quality bespoke services will make sure your project remains on target.

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TED Funding

Finding funding for a project is often a problem when it comes to energy services technology. The Energy Desk provides capital to help kick-start energy products for businesses who either haven’t explored their renewable energy options, or don’t have the funding to do so.

There are a number of different funding options available from TED Capital, including Lease, Asset, Capital and Rental. TED can fund almost any project for you, so if you don’t know where to look to improve your businesses energy costs and carbon footprint, contact TED!

To Find Out How TED Can Assist You With Funding, Click Here

TED Partners

Becoming an agent with The Energy Desk brings great benefits to your business. By referring clients to TED, you can receive an income based on achieved sales. You business will gain full access to all of TED’s products and services, allowing you to provide your customers with services you previously thought you couldn’t.

TED works with you to maximise the potential of securing clients and developing your business and income, all while keeping in line with your brand values and campaigns. Energy is a costly business, but with TED we can help you save your clients money and become a ‘greener’ business.

More Info on How to Become a TED Partner

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