The Energy Desk is at the forefront of utility innovation

Our industry experts are acutely aware of the important role technology solutions play in the energy service industry. 

TED’s industry knowledge is a key aspect of providing UK businesses with the best possible solutions for their utility goals, whether it be to reduce carbon footprints, reduce utility bills or simply have greater control over your usage via in-depth energy monitoring software. 

Through clever tech software, TED has been able to position itself ahead of the rest, in order to provide the very best technology services when it comes to business energy solutions. 


TED Tech

What does TED tech offer?

Through advanced technology and industry expertise, The Energy Desk’s  is sure to deliver tangible results when it comes to energy solutions. 

Find out more below. 

TED provide automated billing for clients and enable customers to monitor their energy usage.

TED provide the necessary technology to enable automatic meter readings, taking the task out of the customers hands

The Energy Desk offer advanced energy monitoring technology capable of in-depth energy monitoring to really enable users to identify factors that relate to the energy costs of the month.

TED Customers gain access to an energy monitoring portal that displays usages and calculates costs to keep on top of energy bills

The Energy Desk utilise a bespoke CRM to manage customer contracts and everything related, making renewals, contract changes, detail updates, calculations and any other back-end tasks much quicker and simpler to perform.

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Revolutionising energy for businesses across the UK

TED supports a number of UK brands and businesses from a wealth of industries, with advanced technology solutions to make switching to green energy hassle free. 

From SMEs to large scale businesses, The Energy Desk is committed to revolutionising energy services for all. 

To find out more about TED Tech, get in touch with our team on 03330 151 221.

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The Energy Desk is proud to be a totally independent company that works with our customers, partners and suppliers to find the best energy solution that saves money on business energy costs.

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