Becoming an Introducer

Generating extra income as an introducer for The Energy Desk could be a fantastic step towards joining and working within the energy industry.

Introducers are an integral part of any business within the energy industry

One of the great things about becoming a Third-Party Introducer for The Energy Desk is that you don’t require any prior knowledge of the energy industry. Here at TED, we provide all the necessary training and support for our agents, introducers and partners. We want to ensure as smooth a transition as possible on your journey here at The Energy Desk.

The Energy Desk takes pride in being able to offer our customers excellent customer service and work hard to continually improve every aspect of our customer journey. You can rest easy knowing that TED will do everything to provide any introduced customers with nothing but the best.

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What does an introducer have to provide?

Becoming an introducer isn’t as complex as you might think! Introducers are responsible for just that, introducing new business to The Energy Desk. TED considers a client introduced when a contract has been arranged and business conducted, this then results in our introducer getting a fixed percentage value of any management fee(s) earned from the introduced contract(s).

Here’s a list of the details that we require to proceed with a potential customer:

Additional helpful information

Although the following list is not essential for introducers to provide, it does help team TED speed things along if they’re applicable to the service that is being provided.

Here’s a list of the additional deliverables that help TED deliver a prompt service to a potential customer:

A perfect option for start-up brokers & established consultants

With over 17 years of experience within the UK energy industry, TED specialises in providing UK businesses with comprehensive energy solutions. From conception to completion, our team works hard to deliver bespoke energy services that meet our client’s needs, giving a seamless, hassle-free service.

As an introducer at The Energy Desk, you’re granted access to all of the tools and resources we have to offer. From connections and relationships to our unparalleled industry expertise, we are able to empower our introducers and agents to succeed.


What our customers say about The Energy Desk

The Energy Desk

The Energy Desk is proud to be an independent energy management company, working with our customers, partners and suppliers to find the best energy solution. Helping you save money on your business costs, without the hassle. 

Introducer Application

If you are already an energy consultant or new to the industry and want to find out more,  and just want to test the waters, we are happy to help you along your journey. Similarly, if you’re in another industry and are looking at increasing your income, just complete the form and a member of our Agent team will be in touch.

We can give you everything you need to increase your income, earn up to six figures per year and succeed in your own business with TED. For more information you can also call us directly on 03330 151 221.