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Work towards your net-zero, carbon goals by implementing Solar solutions as part of your on-site generation.

Solar solutions for your business

The Energy Desk have partnered with a market leader in renewable energy solutions in the UK & Ireland.

Choose our solar solutions for your business, get ahead of your competitors, reduce your costs, reduce your carbon, and reduce your consumption, Larger organisations that can install more PV systems often become self-sufficient through them and can then sell the ‘spare’ energy back to the National Grid or other takers of green generated energy.

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Solar (PV) panels for your business

Through advanced technology and industry expertise, The Energy Desk’s  is sure to deliver tangible results when it comes to energy solutions. 

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Solar power can significantly reduce your energy costs while also decreasing your carbon footprint. By using any available ground or roof space, you can create a commercial solar solution that can reduce your reliance on the grid.

We offer state-of-the-art PV panels accompanied by a range of funding options that can facilitate the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance costs without any capital outlay or risk.

We offer a no-cost, non-obligatory feasibility and benefit analysis to determine whether a commercial solar solution is viable and cost-effective for your organization.

Our one-stop solution approach ensures that you have a single point of contact, making the process seamless and easy to manage. Having the manufacture, installation, maintenance and potentially even the finance through one source invariably makes for a cohesive, well organised and ultimately successful project.

Revolutionising energy for businesses across the UK

Our company offers solar solutions for your business to help you reduce your energy spend and carbon footprint. By utilizing your available ground or roof space to facilitate a commercial solar solution, you can significantly reduce your grid consumption, while enjoying the benefits of green energy. Our state-of-the-art PV panels are best-in-class, and often come with funding options that facilitate the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of the panels. This approach results in cost savings from day one, without capital outlay or risk.

At The Energy Desk, we have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we offer a no-cost, non-obligatory feasibility and benefit analysis. If the project proves viable and sufficiently lucrative to the customer, we take pride in delivering an all-encompassing, great value solution that leaves our clients with substantial savings, peace of mind, and a better planet. Our one-stop solution approach, which includes manufacture, installation, maintenance, and potentially even finance, ensures a cohesive and well-organized project that is ultimately successful without being onerous on your business or organization.


The Benefits of choosing Solar for your business

Solar financing solutions

Power Purchase Agreement

Our clients can implement a sustainable energy solution without any initial expenses using a unique and customized financing mechanism called a Power Purchase Agreement. Moreover, our team of engineers will provide complete maintenance of the system. The energy prices remain fixed for up to 25 years, with only an increase equivalent to inflation. Additionally, if your business is sold during the contract term, the contract is entirely transferable.

You will benefit from reduced electricity rates, enabling you to save money on energy.

Payments will only be made on electricity which is produced and used each month.

See savings of approximately 15-30% from day one, increasing annually as energy prices from the power grid rise.

Your system will be maintained fully by us. This means you don’t have to worry about anything other than giving us a call if you need us.

Outright Purchase

Certain businesses have the advantage of being able to acquire their new environmentally friendly technology outright, enabling them to save considerably and potentially earn extra income through government initiatives like the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Smart Export Guarantee. To provide reassurance for the future, we can offer a separate maintenance agreement as a supplementary quotation.

This is a financial reward to businesses from the Government, for exporting surplus energy back to the grid.

We can help you to calculate how much energy you’ll save by installing a renewable energy solution at your business.

If you’re in the position of purchasing a solution outright – it’s yours. No contracts, no interest – just one payment from you to us.

Asset Finance

Energy Efficiency Finance can be offered to companies that have been operational for more than 36 months. Our team collaborates with a network of lenders to identify the optimal approach that utilizes the savings derived from renewable energy systems to cover the initial expenditure. The loan terms are generally 5 to 7 years, and the interest rates vary between 3.5% and 7% (depending on eligibility).

The savings made by switching to a renewable energy solution, will cover the cost of the loan repayments.

Once the cost of the loan has been paid off in full, all future revenue generated from the solution is business profit.

We are FCA registered, which means you’re protected. We work with a network of finance companies to assist with your loan requirements.

Your new renewable energy solution will instantly improve your businesses energy efficiency rating and output – reducing your carbon footprint.

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