What are substations?

The substation is a key component of the electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system. 

They’re used to reduce the voltage of electricity so that it is safe to transfer into homes and businesses; alternatively, they can also be used to transform voltage from low-to-high if necessary. 

Typically, you’ll find that substations are divided into three major types:

  • Transmission substations
  • Sub-transmission substations
  • Distribution substations


The size of the substation will usually depend on its usage; for example, whether it caters for residential properties or an industrial park. However, there are facilities such as schools and hospitals that often have their own.

For businesses and organisations that require a substation, its important to enlist a company who understand all aspects of substations. 

TED are experts in substation design, installation and maintenance services. 

Electrical Substation Design

From the very beginning, we pay attention to every detail, ensuring all due diligence is done to deliver the project to the highest industry standards.

The Energy Desk has a proven record in the delivery of major substation replacements in towns and cities across the United Kingdom; some of which were under very challenging circumstances. It’s our meticulous planning and expertise that allowed TED to complete these projects in line with customer expectations.

TED undertake in-depth analytical work, conducting thorough risk assessments and identifying appropriate actions to mitigate them. 

The Energy Desk will also be clear upfront during the pre-tender stage about what needs to be done, minimising any changes later down the line that could affect time, cost, and quality.

In addition, TED will create an achievable delivery programme that considers local network constraints and any site limitations.

The Energy Desk’s experts can provide a wide range of coherent electrical substation design services including:

  • Surveying & Construction
  • Regular maintenance and complete refurbishment
  • Comprehensive testing for SF6 (Sulphur Hexafluoride)
  • In-depth Substation Grading and Protection Services
  • The production of in-depth technical reports
  • Design and Installation of Cable/Overhead Lines Support Structures
  • Senior Authorised Persons (SAP)
  • Safety Stand by

Electrical Substation Installation

The Energy Desk team have a wealth of expertise overseeing the installation and replacement of electrical substations, the installation of switchgear, transformers, and associated cabling. TED will keep you updated on all construction progress and carry out a thorough inspection upon work completion. 

Furthermore, TED can also complete an as-built survey of the completed works.

Substation Services

The Energy Desk’s team can provide fully planned maintenance work alongside a complete substation management service, ensuring your equipment performs to the best of its ability. TED substation maintenance services are extensive and include:

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