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Who is behind TED?

Every good company doesn’t just rely on their employees and customers to make it successful. Over the years TED has developed a dynamic infrastructure which has supported our growth with many organisations. The Energy Desk believe in working with the best and, as such, have formed working relationships with the highly experienced, well-respected experts detailed below to enhance our business.

Our Lawyers

Gately PLC lawyers work closely with TED and provide additional HR support for the company. Their legal advice is second to none and their specialist commercial edge is well suited to our company as an energy service provider. Their knowledge and understanding of the laws surrounding our industry has helped The Energy Desk stay up to date with laws and regulations which helps us do our job right. Learn about The Energy Desk’s ethos.

Our Accountants

RSM is an international Accountancy practice with entrepreneurial flair and we believe their success in building and evolving their customers businesses is unparalleled. As such, The Energy Desk has been working in partnership with them for over 6 years, in conjunction with the very highest levels of staff in their business. Their areas of expertise and connections span both the commercial and political worlds and they have assisted in creating our joint ventures and making them a resounding success. In addition, RSM’s specialist outsourcing arm, Revas have developed our new state-of-the-art CRM system and client portal.


The Energy Desk’s brand has been developed by the experts at Truth Design who specialise in design and creation of brands. Truth Design worked closely with TED to ensure our branding is the best it can be. Their knowledge and expertise in the world of design and branding solutions has enabled TED to be seen on more platforms than before.


Copyright is important to all big companies and the experts at Novograf look after The Energy Desks’ copyright, ensuring all usage of our content, images and information is not re-used or re-created without the right permissions.


MonkeyFish Marketing utilise their experience and skills in the field of online marketing to ensure TED rank in search engines for all of the services that The Energy Desk provide. They have designed, developed and implemented this brand new website, which shows clear information with developed brand and colours throughout. They have worked closely with TED for two years to get our content, design and online exposure to the highest standard and reach.

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